• Disinfection system

    Disinfection system

    The hydrolysis reaction combined with ozone (O3), it is a powerful disinfectant device.



The definition of Hydrolysis is "splitting of the molecule of organic compounds by water."

In the field of water treatment, hydrolysis’s process is similar with the electrolysis; instead of working with the salt concentration of water as the electrolyze systems, hydrolysis concern is the conductivity of the water. The salt electrolysis uses common salt added to water in a concentration ranging between 3 and 6 g/l in order to produce chlorine. The HIDROZONE uses conductivity of the water to split the water molecule in his own componentes H and O and form other powerfull oxydizing agents as Peroxydes and Hydroxyls. The minimum conductivity that the device needs to work is 1000mS. In areas where water conductivity is less than required, the water conductivity must be increased. To increase the water conductivity is an easy and not expensive process.


Ozone is one of the best disinfectants known. It is produced naturally by electrical discharges (lightning in storms) or the Ultraviolet radiation from the sun in the upper layer of the atmosphere. Ozone is an unstable element that quickly turns into oxygen.

The Ozone is currently used as powerful disinfectant in various sectors:

  • Disinfection and water purification for bottled water (human consumption).
  • Environment-Deodorizer for eliminating odors.
  • Disinfection of breathing air.
  • Medical Applications and therapeutic purposes in infectious diseases.

Ozone is a disinfectant that acts rapidly oxidizing organic particles (viruses, bacteria) and transforms into oxygen without leaving any other chemical residual element.


The hydrolysis reaction combined with ozone (O3), it is a powerful disinfectant device.

The treated water is controlled by HIDROZONE at all times by a Redox probe that monitors the level of water oxidation. When the desired level of oxidation has been reached, the device is idle for saving energy and increasing the life of all components. HIDROZONE comes with a pH controller and stabilizer. The probe monitors the pH at all times and, if necessary, stabilizes the pH completely automatically. For proper operation, the device is supplied with a flow probe that controls the flow and stop the machine operation in case of lack of flow. As optional components there are available conductivity probes in order to know the conductivity of the water at all times and water temperature probes. Each HIDROZONE device comes from the Factory with Redox Probe and Oxydation Controller, pH Probe, Controller and Stabilizer, Flow Probe and Controller, Hydrolyze Cell, Ozone Generator, Ozone Flow Controller and also all adapters and connectors to can be easily installed in new or existing swimming pools.

Using HIDROZONE for disinfecting pool water, means stopping using chlorine or bromine in all its forms (liquid, granules or tablets) without chemical residues (combined chlorine). The pool water will always be clear and pure, with no algae, no odors or flavors, without chemical dispensing machines and without replenishing chemicals.

Using HIDROZONE means having always a fully automatic pool with very healthy water, at a minimal maintenance cost. If desired, the pool water could be easily used for irrigation purposes.

The ideal installation of a HIDROZONE device is in combination with the SMART Filtration System. The smart filtering system provide a better water quality (filter smaller particles then the sand filters), saving more then 95% of the treated water (the filter is not cleaned using the pool water), it includes also a cyclonic pre-filter so the autonomy of the entire filtration system is much increased.

The HIDROZONE device and Smart Filter System both can be installed very quick and easy in any pool, whether new or old.

Please check with your local store if you would like to install HIDROZONE or the Smart Filtering System.

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