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    Keeping the pool water in an optimal condition is a complex job.


Keeping the pool water in an optimal condition is a complex job. The task is even more complicated if we talk about an outdoor pool who is surrounded by vegetation, trees, flowers or grass, exposed to rain, wind and sun. Water is life and in a pool it is invaded by bacteria all the time. The sun promotes life and any pool without an adequate water treatment system will be transformed gradually in a pond. Algae start sticking to the walls and a diversity of insects will invade the zone. To prevent this from happening in the pools, the water is treated with chemical disinfectants, the most common being chlorine, bromine or active oxygen. Chlorine is the most common disinfectant used in various forms: liquid chlorine, granular chlorine or chlorine tablets, due it's low cost. Manipulating the chlorine in any format is dangerous to health. Erroneous handling can lead to severe poisoning or even death. Recently published studies are linking the chlorine from pools with asthma, eye irritation and even genetic problems.

In our pools, water is treated automatically with hydrolysis and ozone.

Having a Hidrozone device installed in your pool, you can forget the chemical disinfectants.

The device works with the conductivity of the water for the hydrolysis reaction and comes equipped with an Ozone generator. The Hydrolyze process produce powerful disinfectant agents as Oxygen, Peroxydes and Hydroxyls from the pool water and the Ozone produced by the Ozone Generator, oxidizes most of the organic impurities, bacteria and viruses in water; removes odors and flavors water may have and most importantly it transform to Oxygen and it DOES NOT LEAVE CHEMICAL RESIDUES behind.

Health is very important, so we have to pay close attention to how the water is disinfected in a pool that we or our children are likely to swim.

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