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    We study how the mountain rivers can have a so good and healty water, ...


Why Hidrozone?

Well, is a good question, but a better question is, how Hidrozone was invented?
We study how the mountain rivers can have a so good and healty water, even if they are sourounded by vegetation, trees, gras and full type of plants. How they can maintain the water quality and even more, making the water able to be drinked.

One of the secrets is keep it in movement, other is filtrating the water thru the ground and vegetation particles. This process was imitate by the swimming pools equipment, the pool water is filtrating thru a filter and a pump keep it in movement, but the quality of water keep deteriorate in a relativly short period of time. The water in an outdoor swimming pool, even if it is filtrated all the time, 24 hours a day, in less then 3 days it becomes green, loose the neutrality, becomes base or acid and is invaded by algae and insects.
To counterattack this, it is used chlorine or other chemical disinfecting product that kills bacteria and the organic particles, and also are used flocculants reactors which group the residues to make them bigger enough to be retained by the filter. Those chemicals which are added manually or automatically, combine with the residues and lose their disinfectant potential, but they still inside the water. At a moment the water is so full of chemical residuals (for example chloramines) that it has to be replaced. So fresh water has to be added to keep the system working. Also the wasted contaminated water it is now a problem of the city water treatment plant.
The mountain water has some other secret to keep it fresh and healthy, so after years of study we found it. The mountain water is very well oxygenated. Running down, jumping stones, creating waterfalls, the mountain river water is oxygenated continously. Doesn't matter the enviroment and the invasion of micro organsims, the water keep oxygenated enough to oxydize everything at a so level that in most of cases is able to be drinked.
The water bottle companies found this secret very quick and use it on their bottled water plants. Most, if not all bottled water plants use Ozone to treat the water before it is bottled.
In swimming pools market many manufacturers tryed to make Ozone Generators for disinfect the pool water. The problem is, the Ozone Generators needed to disinfect the water for swimming pools are very expensive due to the fact there are big amounts of water that are exposed all the time to the bacteria and microorganisms as well to sun rays and winds. The cost of a Device able to disinfect an entire Swimming Pool volume of water, only with Ozone, cost itself too much and the operating cost is expensive too. Most of the swimming pools that use Ozone, need also a residual chemical disinfectant to keep the water healthy. The Ozone in swimming pools industry it is used to reduce the amount of chemical disinfectants that are needed to keep the water healthy.
We use to be the ones that use the Ozone to reduce the amount of chemicals needed to disinfect the water. The problem is, the swimming pool still needs disinfectants added to can maintain the pool water in healthy conditions.
We start then a research to find out what other clean disinfectant process can substitute the ordinary disinfectant that’s used and we found the Hydrolyze.
The hydrolyze reaction it is well known from years (discovered in 1.800), but is not very often applied in the water treatment. The other electrical process that's very common on water treatment it is the Salt Electrolyze process. The salt electrolyze process use electricity to split the salt molecule (NaCl) and the Chlorine obtained is used to disinfect the water. Other words, the water is disinfected with chlorine, the unique difference between the ordinary process of adding chlorine to the water is that the disinfectant is produced at the place. The Hydrolyze process is similar with the Electrolyze with the difference that it splits the water molecule instead of the salt molecule. By obtaining Hydrogen and Oxygen as main result of the reaction, these elements are combining again in some stable and some very unstable powerful oxidants as Peroxides and Hydroxyls. These oxidant agents together with the Oxygen are used to oxidize the water at a new level, keep it healthy, similar with the water from the mountain rivers.
The first prototype of Hidrozone was made at the end of 2008. It includes a Hydrolyze device and an Ozone Generator. The Hydrolyze device produce the disinfectants required to keep the pool water healthy, monitor the Oxygen level of the water, monitors and regulate the pH of the water to keep it in the neutral range and the Ozone Generator produce Ozone anytime the Central Unit consider that it is need it. The Hydrolyze resources are taken from the main water and the Ozone Generator resources are taken from the air so no additional chemicals are needed at all. The best of the Hidrozone is that once the resources are used, they turn back into water and air so no residues are let behind the process, there is no need to waste water or to replace it.
Hidrozone device is under a patent process, after more than 5 years of successful tests. The tested swimming pools equipped with Hidrozone have the water clarity and purity perfect all the time, doesn’t matter the environment and the weather. The pools were we test the product are in very conflictive places for water maintenance and use to need big amounts of Chlorine in order to keep them sanitize. From outdoor pools in the hills and mountains zones in Barcelona area in Spain, surrounded by big amount of vegetation and exposed to heavy rains to the desert and sandy zones in Phoenix Arizona USA, exposed to high temperatures in summer and heavy sand storms, the pool water treated with Hidrozone is still in his best conditions all the time, without adding any chemical disinfectant.

Finally we've achieve our goal by having a new device that works imitating the nature, being friendly with her, without wasting or polluting the water and without playing with the swimming pools users health.


Water (H2O) is composed of 2 parts of Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen (H2O). Hydrolysis means, etymologically, decomposition by water. When electric current passes through the water breaks the chemical bond, the negatively charged oxygen ions migrate to the positive electrode (anode). The decomposition occurs as follows:

Electricity + 2 H2O = 2 H2 + O2

By Hydrolyze the water molecule is broken into its basic components: Hydrogen and Oxygen, which then combine into strong disinfection agents and powerful oxydants (O3, O2, OH, H2O2…).

Hydrolysis with Ozone

The combination of Hydrolysis Equipment with Ozone Generator results in a tremendous oxidizing power that is used to destroy viruses and bacteria in the water, preventing the creation of algae, removing tastes or smells the water may have without the use of chemicals, leaving no residue, just simply transformed to oxygen. Just like in nature, simple and effective.

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